Friday, 14 March 2014

Package Options

The Business Package provides a sleek, chip proof case with a belt clip and screen protection. $80

The Athlete package includes an armband, with a light waterproof case.

The Labourer package offers a belt clip, with a dustproof, waterproof and shock resistant. 

The Teen package provides a solar battery charger, chip and shock resistance. 
The Family Package provides protection against water, shock, dirt, and kids, as well as a built in tracker, that allows it to still be found when the phone is on silent. 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Overview of Company

  Arrow armour is a new innovative company in the smartphone protective market  providing cases that are uniquely customizable, that is designed to allow for customers  personalities to shine through. Cases are available for iPhone 4S and 5 as well as the Samsung S3 and S4 series. There are three areas of the phone case that allow for complete colour customization: the base plastic of the case, the protective rubber and the back plate. The options for customizing include colours, patterns, in addition to up-loadable pictures.  In order to create a simplistic shopping experience, Arrow Armour phone cases are broken down into four major packages without limiting the options available to the customer; each package’s individual pieces are available for separate purchase.   
The Business Package is a sleek, chip proof phone case that comes with a belt clip, designed for the average businessperson. Two market segments that are targeted with this package are the Basic Protector and the Cute and Cheap consumers; the Basic Protector is looking for a basic protection, whereas the Cute and Cheap consumers are wanting a cheap option with a fashionable look. The phone’s screen is fully protected by a transparent plastic that can still allow for seamless use of the touch screen.  The plastic used for the case is a mid-weight plastic that allows for great protection without the bulk of a heavy-duty case.
The Athlete package is a lighter phone case designed for ease of movement and minimal interference in any activity the consumer performs. The case completely protects the phone by utilizing a light-weight plastic that provides waterproofing, which allows the phone to be completely submerged in water whilst swimming, skiing or sweating. The Athlete Package comes with an armband for total mobility. This package is targeted towards the Savvy Enthusiast, as this is our most innovative case.
The Labourer package is designed for the worker that might get dirty on the job site, but still needs phone access. Complete with a belt clip, this package allows for a worry-free phone experience. The target market segment for this case would be the Quality Protectors, as they are looking for the ultimate in armour. The phone is protected by a heavy plastic case to help resist shock as well as providing a waterproof option.
The Teen package is designed for those customers that tend to be worry-free about the condition of their phone. This package provides waterproofing as well as protecting the phone from shattering both the front and back glass surfaces.  The Teen package comes with a built in solar charger for customers that require charging throughout the day due to high usage. The Savvy Enthusiast would be interested in the features of this package, as it is customizable, and provides an innovative charging feature that is not yet on the market; as well, the Cute and Cheap customers are looking for some basic protection, as well as the customizable options.
Finally, the Family Package is a water, shock, dirt, and kid proof case that is designed to handle the most strenuous of family activities. It is a mid-weight case that allows for portability as well as to protect the general safety of the phone. It comes with a built in tracker that enables you to track where the phone is from a computer or other technological device, even when the phone is on silent; providing a solution for the mother who’s child may have misplaced her phone.  The  Savvy Enthusiast is targeted with this package, as the tracking device is also another new innovation that Arrow Armour is introducing into the market.
We target the Fashionista market with all of our cases because colour selection and style is completely up to the customer. It is important to note that customers are not limited to these packages in that they have the ability to pick and choose features from each case design to create their very own, completely personalized case.
We aim to please all customers who own a cell phone, which is why we allow for ease of selection and total uniqueness. Our product line is in the midst of a very competitive market that provides endless possibilities, however our concept’s ability to relate to each individual customer for each individual customer is what allows us to gain the advantage in the market. We will also gain the advantage in the market by introducing two innovative features, which include the tracking device and the charging option.